I been wanting to get this off my chest but previously I have many what ifs in my mind so I didn’t.

But all the what ifs doesn’t matter to me anymore.

Back in 2017 when we first started the business, Pinkdot was asking for local businesses to support their cause and without any questions, we joined as a sponsor because we truly believe in the #freedomtolove.

What I didn’t expect is one day a supplier texted me and say that she will not be supplying her products to us anymore as she is against what I support.

Being a small business and trying my best to grow the business, this is a setback for us. I am disappointed. In 2018, we didn’t sponsor although I wanted to. I admit I am scared that more suppliers will cut ties or some customers will walk away.

Then, I received an email enquiry from a customer last year. He wanted to place an order for his partner and his concern is if we accept orders from the LGBT community. This is because he want to give an accurate description of their love story so that we can curate to our best ability.

I immediately press reply and said “Yes we do! I am so sorry that you have to email to ask this and we certainly don’t discriminate anybody!”

Its upsetting to me that he actually have to email me to ask if we cater to the LGBT community. He has probably face discrimination before at other places such that he feels that even ordering a surprise for his love ones, he need to check if he will be discriminated. I am ashamed of myself that he has to go through this at my business.

No one should feel discriminated. We are all human. Everyone deserve to be loved and love who they want.

So this year 2019, I like to shout out LOUD that Okimochi Box is back as a Pink Dot Sponsor! I will continue to curate surprises for ANYONE. Everyone deserves to smile. Every love story is unique because #LOVEISLOVE and love always WINS!

Here is Mallow donning the Pinkdot Badge! for he always loves everyone with all his heart.

Okimochi Box Curators