haven’t blogged for a long time. Every time I felt that I wanted to come in here to leave a post about something, some other thing will take my attention away and time slipped past.

Dedicating this post to an angel.

March is a month that I always loved. It’s my birthday month and I always make sure I will be happy, and I will arrange activities that brought me joy. However, March 2023, i felt so much loss yet I gained a brand-new insight to life.

I met one, Okimochi Box met one, but looking back, I didn’t do enough as a friend.

Back in 2017, I started Okimochi Box and shamelessly texted everyone on my Facebook list the website link. Some replied and congratulated me and that’s about it.

I received a message from Angel in Dec 2017, she was my JC friend. Didn’t kept in close contact all these years but we had our fun and laughter back in JC. We clicked instantly on WhatsApp even when we haven’t spoke for years.

She told me she just placed an order but at the same time she found a coding error on my newly launched website. The website was just a few days old, and my developer back then has made a critical error. Thanks for this angel, this was discovered and resolved.

I curated and delivered Angel’s order and we started to WhatsApp more regularly, these messages are so precious now.

Year after year went by, birthday msg, and one or two check in msg on each other. Until a few years ago, I got to know she was sick.

Immediately I thought of curating a gift box for her, things she will need when under-going treatment. However due to her privacy reasons, I delayed sending her the gift. I thought its ok, I will send it when she is better.

I believed the universe gave me up to 3 chances to reach out to her, but I didn’t act on it as I thought she preferred her privacy.

I never got to convey my words and thoughts to her in the end. She left in March.

She wholeheartedly supported my business even when we didn’t keep in touch, she even left a 5-star Facebook review for my business. They said the good dies young. It’s true.

Whatever I type or say, you will never get to read anymore. I am full of regrets in this aspect. During March 2023, I blocked off the dates, I didn’t take in any orders. I just did nothing. As I was fretting daily over the nitty gritty things in life, trying to grow the business, you were fighting for your life. At the end of the day, we all leave the world with nothing.

However, I want to thank you for your Facebook review. This really keep me going now. Reminding me to always remember my vision for the business and to continue striving, because you believed in me, thank you.

Keeping your sweet memories in my heart, taking it out whenever I miss you.