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Back to this space to pen some thoughts after months of hiatus. Just want to keep this memory. The past few months has been a whirlwind experience. Started with a lot of anxiety as we have to stop operations at the office since we are non essential services during the Covid period. Shifted many things [...]

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just dropping in to say, I am so excited as we are shifting office this week! 3 years ago we rented a very very very small space because that is what we can afford. We squeeze in that space, walk sideways sometimes, stack boxes and finally we have enough to move to a slightly bigger [...]

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Just want to put this to record for today. I met 2 wonderful lovely ladies who will be my new suppliers. Its amazing what this journey brings me. I am blessed to meet people with really kind hearts and positivity. The first meeting went well. Looking forward to developing long lasting partnership with their business. [...]

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Its been a while since I pen a post. Just didn't want to blog just because I have to for the sake of SEO. Was thinking about the topic of creativity recently. Having to curate various boxes for individuals, staying creative and original is my guiding principles in this journey. I do get repeat orders [...]

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The Purpose

Some commonly asked questions 1) Are you a gift shop? Ans: No, Okimochi Box is not founded as a gift shop. I envision it to be a service platform that is different from the traditional gift shops whereby they show u what they have, you pick and buy. I wanted something personalized yet novelty. I [...]

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Against Discrimination

I been wanting to get this off my chest but previously I have many what ifs in my mind so I didn't. But all the what ifs doesn't matter to me anymore. Back in 2017 when we first started the business, Pinkdot was asking for local businesses to support their cause and without any questions, [...]

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Just watch the new season of Black mirror episode Striking Viper. There was a scene where the husband forgot about the anniversary date while the wife remembers it. Just wondering how many couples actually celebrates anniversaries. One of the observations I gathered is we received a lot of anniversary orders for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th [...]

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Behind the scenes

For each successful surprise curation, my customers will text me and tell me they don't know how I can nail every item. This really makes me very happy to know I have curated an useful surprise for them. On a daily basis, I try to expose myself to many new experiences and read up more [...]

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Congratulatory gifts

A few years ago while I am still slogging in the corporate world. When I need to send a congratulatory gift for my client for their new shop opening, I will just google for a flower stand, type in my message and sent it over. Once, I attended the opening ceremony and was trying to [...]

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Corporate gifting

We started out as a small surprise gifting boutique curating surprises for individuals. Putting our heart and soul to each surprises, loyal customers return and start asking us if we do corporate gifting for their companies. I still remember that we took on our first corporate project with much happiness. Little did we know that [...]

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