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Congratulatory gifts

A few years ago while I am still slogging in the corporate world. When I need to send a congratulatory gift for my client for their new shop opening, I will just google for a flower stand, type in my message and sent it over. Once, I attended the opening ceremony and was trying to [...]

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Corporate gifting

We started out as a small surprise gifting boutique curating surprises for individuals. Putting our heart and soul to each surprises, loyal customers return and start asking us if we do corporate gifting for their companies. I still remember that we took on our first corporate project with much happiness. Little did we know that [...]

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Gifting Concierge

We started out as a gifting surprise platform where we offer curated surprise service. Customer have to describe the recipient to us and we offer our perspectives on what gifts it should be. Along this journey, we do get enquiries from customers where they know exactly what they want to buy. However they do not [...]

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What happens during our deliveries? * Reach the recipient office OKMC to the receptionist: Hi, I am looking for XXX. There is a delivery for him/her. Receptionist picks up the phone: Hey XXX, someone is at the counter, there is something for you. XXX: Who is that? Receptionist will hold the call: Hi, you are? [...]

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When I first started the business, we curate mainly for birthdays. Subsequently, we manage to send to more people and we get more enquiries. A lot came from brides to be. They wanted to thank their bridesmaids for their time, effort and friendship for the upcoming wedding. Its like a celebration of the friendship and [...]

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Finding Joy

Recently, a satisfied customer texted us to thank us and ended the message with, " may you always find joy in doing this". This really struck a chord with me. For every Okimochi Box, a lot of effort and personalization goes into it such that I have friends who once asked me if this is [...]

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Made Someone Smile

You may notice that our 'products' are categorized by occasions. Base on the occasions that you want to celebrate, we will curate the surprise. We kept 1 'product' that is not an occasion. It is named Made Someone Smile. Why? This is the reason why the idea of Okimochi Box begins. We question the idea [...]

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Be my Valentine

After starting Okimochi Box, Valentine's day is our most important day in our life. We don't doll ourselves up on that day and we probably didn't sleep much that week. We will be up on our toes making sure each surprises is all dressed up and ready to be delivered to that special dinner venue [...]

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Baby Gift Box

What is the first gift that come to your mind when you have to buy a gift for a friend or client that just give birth? A few years ago before we create Okimochi Box, our best friend gave birth and we remembered that we bought a hamper from a shop at the hospital. The [...]

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