What is the first gift that come to your mind when you have to buy a gift for a friend or client that just give birth?

A few years ago before we create Okimochi Box, our best friend gave birth and we remembered that we bought a hamper from a shop at the hospital. The hamper consists of Chicken essence, Baby rompers, diapers etc.

Our next question to you will be, how long can this hamper last for the recipient? Also, how many of such hampers do you think she will receive?

The answer will be the items wont last more than a year and she will probably receive many.

When we start to curate my baby box for Okimochi Box, below are the objectives that we want to achieve

1) Personalised items
2) Mummy and baby gets something from the box
3) Ideally, no food

Till date, after 2 years in this business, we dare to say our baby surprise box content been a hit with the recipients and senders. Happy mummy, happy baby, happy customers and Happy US:)


Okimochi Box