After starting Okimochi Box, Valentine’s day is our most important day in our life.

We don’t doll ourselves up on that day and we probably didn’t sleep much that week. We will be up on our toes making sure each surprises is all dressed up and ready to be delivered to that special dinner venue or home.

Last year, I remember I was rushing to deliver a surprise to Bank of America and I met a florist in the lift. We both have that anxious hype up expression on our face and we are all ready to dash out of the lift, deliver this gift and quickly head off to our next venue. I remember telling her to drive safe.

So as I am typing this, we are less than 1 month to Valentine’s day and as the orders pile up each day, we are already starting to plan the delivery routes for that day.

Looking forward to the adrenaline rushing Valentine day whereby we have to meet many dates

Okimochi Box