For each successful surprise curation, my customers will text me and tell me they don’t know how I can nail every item. This really makes me very happy to know I have curated an useful surprise for them.

On a daily basis, I try to expose myself to many new experiences and read up more on new trends etc. I also try to meet new people, especially young people to know what is hip and trending now. I believe this is the basic homework I need to constantly do as a curator.

Everyday, I need to curate gifts for men, woman, young, old, mothers, fathers, grandparents, kids etc. My own life experience definitely will not be able to expose me to so many different kind of lifestyle. So I do my best to observe people, talk to more people.

Besides that, I also let myself experience different activities to know what the users really need. Recently, I notice boxing been getting popular in Singapore. I have never box before so I sign up for classes and attend boxing.

I love it so much and it also gives me new gifting ideas for people who loves to box. I also get to exercise during my off day!

what is the next activity that I should experience?

here’s a picture before my boxing class starts!


Okimochi Box Curator