Angel/ 贵人

haven't blogged for a long time. Every time I felt that I wanted to come in here to leave a post about something, some other thing will take my attention away and time slipped past. Dedicating this post to an angel. March is a month that I always loved. It's my birthday month and I [...]

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5 years

走着走着,5 年了 was browsing through some photos and I saw a picture that felt like last week. It was our first ever packaging picture and our little CEO being very curious about it. It was a simple brown kraft paper packaging with a cloth string tied over it. I wanted a wax seal since day [...]

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Back to this space to pen some thoughts after months of hiatus. Just want to keep this memory. The past few months has been a whirlwind experience. Started with a lot of anxiety as we have to stop operations at the office since we are non essential services during the Covid period. Shifted many things [...]

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just dropping in to say, I am so excited as we are shifting office this week! 3 years ago we rented a very very very small space because that is what we can afford. We squeeze in that space, walk sideways sometimes, stack boxes and finally we have enough to move to a slightly bigger [...]

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