A few years ago while I am still slogging in the corporate world. When I need to send a congratulatory gift for my client for their new shop opening, I will just google for a flower stand, type in my message and sent it over.

Once, I attended the opening ceremony and was trying to find the flower stand that I have sent over as there are many stands from different people. I also witness flower stands arriving and it was received by the staff of the shop, not by the boss.

I realise my client probably may not remember me since after a few days, all the flowers are thrown away.

Started Okimochi Box and I wanted to do meaningful congratulatory gifts. I want the sender to feel the love, blessings and able to use the gift. I want the gift to stand out. I want my customers to leave an impression with their clients.

So far, we have delivered numerous congratulatory surprise and glad that we are different in our own unique ways.