Its been a while since I pen a post. Just didn’t want to blog just because I have to for the sake of SEO.

Was thinking about the topic of creativity recently. Having to curate various boxes for individuals, staying creative and original is my guiding principles in this journey.

I do get repeat orders whereby the recipient probably receive the box before. I make sure the recipient gets a brand new fresh box the 2nd..3rd…or even 4th time.

Also, I always challenge myself to also let the sender have a fresh experience each time they order again. Even if they are ordering for a different person, I make sure I find different products.


I don’t copy. I create and think of new ideas. From the conceptualise of the website, our box and cards design, the experience till the delivery.

The team put in a lot of thoughts in this journey.

To be able to stay on this game, we stay original.

Thanks for reading:)


Okimochi Box