Back to this space to pen some thoughts after months of hiatus. Just want to keep this memory.

The past few months has been a whirlwind experience. Started with a lot of anxiety as we have to stop operations at the office since we are non essential services during the Covid period. Shifted many things home to try and fulfil some orders. Then another govt announcement came whereby courier service cannot come to house to pick up orders.

Then went on to apply for exemption with Ministry of Trade which thankfully we got it and we manage to get by this covid period.

During this challenging period, I forge many friendships with many drivers, some are taxi drivers, some simply lost their usual office jobs and we formed a delivery group where I try to get more jobs for them. Thankful to the customers who offered us the opportunities.

Around May, my dad texted me saying that the tour bus company he is working for don’t have much jobs for him (SInce tourism is down) so he is free to help. I been playing with the idea of getting an Okimochi Box Van for the longest time so that I can better control the delivery schedule.

At a period where we should spent prudently, I decided to buy a 2nd hand van so that my dad has something to do daily. Its a calculated risk and I told myself that I wont regret.

The start of my Dad’s new role as a delivery driver has been a tough one for me and him. I have very high standards for the delivery since Okimochi Box is my baby and delivery is an important aspect in the service.
My dad is a bus driver all his life so this is something new to him.

My biggest nightmare came true when on the 2nd day of his work, he delivered a box WRONGLY!. Customer called to inform me and I have to get him to go back and collect. My emotions got over me and I lashed out at my dad harshly on the phone for making this mistake. I know he is very sorry about it. I learn to communicate better with him too.

Fast forward to now, my dad has been helping me with the deliveries for close to 1 month already. He has his own old school way of doing things like he insist on writing out the address on a piece of paper instead of using IPAD. He has learnt so much on the various condo’s access, been to many atas homes and one recipient even pass him a drink and Ang Pow. For that he is very thankful. I don’t know when his boss will call him and ask him to go back and drive bus but for now I am thankful for his help daily.

Here’s a picture of him that I snapped while he is checking the names of all the boxes to make sure he doesn’t make a wrong delivery again.

Who says the silver generation cannot contribute to the society anymore? They are punctual, responsible and has the BEST ATTITUDE!