What happens during our deliveries?

* Reach the recipient office

OKMC to the receptionist: Hi, I am looking for XXX. There is a delivery for him/her.
Receptionist picks up the phone: Hey XXX, someone is at the counter, there is something for you.
XXX: Who is that?
Receptionist will hold the call: Hi, you are?
OKMC: I am from Okimochi Box
Receptionist back on the phone: She say she is from Okimochi Box

XXX walks out: Hi?
OKMC: Hi XXX! there is a surprise gift for you:) * Hands the gift to XXX’s hands
XXX: Oh!? I didn’t order anything. Who is it from?
OKMC: Its a surprise!:) you will need to open it to know who is it from. By the way, Happy Birthday! (Note: we will see what occasion it is before wishing XXX)

XXX: Oh wow! thank you

Yes above is the frequent conversations we have with our recipients. Always thrilled to see their surprise face first hand.