Recently, a satisfied customer texted us to thank us and ended the message with, ” may you always find joy in doing this”.

This really struck a chord with me.

For every Okimochi Box, a lot of effort and personalization goes into it such that I have friends who once asked me if this is all worth it.

Till date, I can say it is all worth it.

Our core business is to bring joy to people during happy occasions like birthdays and anniversaries etc. However, it is a handful of unique orders that really make me feel this is all worth it.

Once, we received an order from a sender who wanted to thank the recipient, for taking care of her daughter for the future. This is because she is terminally ill and she just want to express her appreciation to the lady who will be helping her to take care of her child.

Recently, we got an order to deliver a gift to someone with stage 4 cancer.

I wish we get lesser of these orders but through this orders, it makes me want to continue doing this business because we get to bring a little joy and hope to all our recipients.

I am full of thanks that our customers been entrusting us with all their stories for us to make someone smile daily.

Okimochi Box Curators