You may notice that our ‘products’ are categorized by occasions. Base on the occasions that you want to celebrate, we will curate the surprise.

We kept 1 ‘product’ that is not an occasion. It is named Made Someone Smile. Why?

This is the reason why the idea of Okimochi Box begins. We question the idea of gifting. Why do people gift? What do they want to convey? We asked the questions to ourselves.

I am sure for everyone of us reading this, we were upset once in our life. I remember when I was very sad last time, someone wrote me a card and gave me a miffy key chain. The card wrote, ” Cheer Up! here’s your miffy”.

It made me smile. Its a simple gift but it made me :). I love miffy.

So our answer to the questions is gifting is all about making someone smile. This is the simple reason. Everyone is fighting their own battles, some friends may tell you about it. Some don’t.

If a simple gift can bring some joy, we are willing to do our very best.


Okimochi Box