Some commonly asked questions

1) Are you a gift shop?

Ans: No, Okimochi Box is not founded as a gift shop. I envision it to be a service platform that is different from the traditional gift shops whereby they show u what they have, you pick and buy.

I wanted something personalized yet novelty. I want my customers to make the effort to describe their love ones/story to me and I craft our a gift package based on the description. I want to provide a service for customers whereby they are bounded by distance and time and cant get the gift for someone special.

I want to do something meaningful and gifts that can be kept a long time. I want a service that provide good surprise delivery.

Thus, a lot of time and effort goes into what you are paying for. You are not just paying for gifts.

2) How do you curate for strangers?

Ans: Your description matters a lot ! The better the description, the more personalized it can be.

3) Do you ever wanted to give up before?

Ans: Yes. The truth is entrepreneurship is tough. I haven’t been drawing a salary and I am still trying my best to grow this business that I believe in.

The thought of giving up enters my mind before & I thought life will be easier if I go back to corporate life. But I am thankful that my heart is very passionate with this business so I always follow my heart.

4) What keeps you going?