When I first started the business, we curate mainly for birthdays. Subsequently, we manage to send to more people and we get more enquiries. A lot came from brides to be.

They wanted to thank their bridesmaids for their time, effort and friendship for the upcoming wedding. Its like a celebration of the friendship and being there for the bride on her most important day in life.

I started to research more into the journey of wedding. What is the symbolism of gifting for bridesmaids gifts.

I found that the common gifts are robes, or maybe a spa session together. However I asked myself how often will the bridesmaid get to wear this robe again aside from the photo taking together.

What can be gifted that has meaning to the wedding and they can use for a long long time.

Through this journey, I think I have found my answers and this is a never ending journey. I am still continuing perfecting my craft of curation for more brides. Thanks to all the brides for your trust!